Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The story of Mr BooHoo, chapter 1

The first chapter of the story of Mr BooHoo was written today, by me on the last page of my 13nth sketchbook. I drew a picture of him a couple of days ago, on the 23rd of the 7nth month of the current year (2011). It's all fictional and any resemblance with real names, characters and situation is, I repeat, coincidental.

Chapter ! (1) (morning sadness)

Mr BooHoo opened his eyes. He looked at the clock and closed them, again. Usually, the morning was a good hour for Mr BooHoo. He was cheerful in the morning, relatively cheerful this is because his cheerfulness was the frailest thing, and thus tended to evaporate with the passage of time. Yet, lately he was not feeling so good, not even in the morning. As soon as he opened his eyes he thought of all the obligations he had for that day and hesitated to start it. Thus he closed his eyes once more.

He opened them again and rubbed them with his little hands, as if to smudge the tear-stains. Slowly he lowered one foot on the floor, subsequently the second one. He got up and walked to the kitchen. Having put the kettle on the stove he walked to the bathroom to rinse his face. Black shadows encircled his eyes, finishing in tear-like shapes on the top of his cheeks.

All dressed up and with his mask on he sat at the kitchen table to have his morning coffee. He enjoyed this moment. It made him feel less...BooHoo. Some times he took tea and some other days he took hot, sugarless cocoa. Coffee was his all time favorite though. Black aromatic thick coffee, like the one they drink in countries where the climate is warm. He found the smell invigorating and he also liked the shapes that were left on the cup. Meaningless landscapes and animals they were. Most often camels, giraffes and mountains. After taking a good dump (another aspect of life he considered positive) he would start another scary day.

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